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We’re the actual
Strategy Consultancy
that you’re looking for.

We help companies to become market-leading organizations.
Human-centric. And business-focused.

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Our point of view:

A strong business focus and deep understanding of corporate value creation is what sets market-leaders apart

We understand how to design human-centric organizational models.

And we understand business and how to set the focus on business outcomes.

We have real and trackable results.

And we know how to reproduce them for you.

To us, providing value means identifying what matters most for you.

And then getting these things done.

Becoming a Market-Leading Organization
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Business Strategy and Organizational Design. We interlink them with Customer Value to help our clients lead their market.

Becoming a market leader requires a reliable and repeatable approach for deciding where to go next, developing the right products and creating a home for top talent. We help our clients to intentionally innovate, to design business models and the related organizations. And we enable their organizations to independently breathe life into the new business. In other words: identify new opportunities and further develop existing products and services while always making the customer the focal point of consideration. We work holistically, from strategy to concept to implementation and enablement in order to empower our clients to continue to operate independently. Our mission at Gueth Consulting is to help you become that market-leading organization.


CEOs, managing directors and executives work with us to set the agenda for growth. 


Business Strategy

Organizational Change

Intentional Innovation

We help to set the strategic direction for the entire enterprise, selected business units or regions. We jointly identify where to best take the business next. And craft a decisive plan for how to get there.

We help our clients to design human-centric, contemporary organizations and bring them to life.  In order to build an extraordinary organization that attracts great people who deliver the customer value they promise.

We help our clients to develop and scale new business models. From idea to global market leadership. We use the right methods to make customer value the focal point when turning our client's ideas into products.

We work differently because we are
built differently.