I'm building a consultancy that works differently

Our 2 Core Competencies

1 - Innovation
From Idea to Market

2 - Business Strategy
With Focus & Structure

We help companies to intentionally innovate, to design business models and the related organizations, and enable their organizations to independently breathe life into the new business.

In other words: identify new opportunities and further develop existing products and services while always making the customer the focal point of consideration. We work holistically, from strategy to concept to implementation and enablement in order to empower our clients to continue to operate independently.

We're a consulting team that works differently

Business outcomes. Not slide decks and theoretical ideas.

We’re relentlessly focused on one thing: driving business results for our clients. This means having a deep respect for the way that our client's businesses currently operate in and first-hand knowledge of how business and organizations work. How to successfully innovate, how to build customer-centric and market-relevant products and services.

And how to build effective, modern-day organizations that help their people to do their best work and deliver extraordinary results.

While the industry focuses on processes and KPIs, we're turning the model upside down, to focus on customers, market-relevance and business outcomes. 

In both our core competencies, we help our clients to advance to three maturity levels. 

Innovation Strategy

We support our clients in strategic innovation planning.

Value Proposition Design

We guide our clients in developing new, highly market-relevant offerings, products, and services.

Innovation Capability Building

We develop and build our client's innovation capabilities.

Business Strategy

We jointly develop the future target markets, success factors, and organizational strategy.

Business Design

We design contemporary business models that meet the requirements of modern markets.

Organizational Transformation

Bringing the organizational model and the culture of the future to life. We plan the change and implement it together.

We drive your future from business strategy to actual change

The leadership of your organization needs a structured plan and clear decision points at every step along the way.

Our stop&go approach ensures, that these decisions are based on business value, not opinions. And, that resources flow into the initiatives that drive outcomes that move the organization towards your vision.

1 - Decide

Make the "0|1 Decision"

We jointly work with the leadership of the organization to capture the essence of the state of the nation. The goal is to help making a decision on whether to move forward. 

Your Goal:
Leadership decision (yes/no)

<1 week

2 - Design

Align the Organization

With both management and operations, we establish your vision for the desired future of the organization, determine the current situation and constraints and develop a roadmap with specific projects and initiatives to achieve a successful transformation.

Your Goal:
Leadership alignment on vision and required resources


1-4 weeks

3 - Deliver

Drive the Change

We provide leadership and management of the organization with structure and focus to drive the strategic initiatives that bring your vision to life.



Your Goal:

Successful transformation initiatives



What makes working with us different
- Our Manifesto

We move the needle from problem selling to problem solving. All large players in the consulting industry apply identical mechanics and incentive systems and they produce very similar results. The general narrative of these companies is to be client-centric. However, the incentive systems enforce - without exception - the opposite. The entry-level positions are measured and compensated by how much time they invoice to clients (and fired if this figure is insufficient). For more senior people, there is one primary KPI that rules the industry: Sales Revenue. The consequences are that, first, the required efforts are being stretched as much as possible and second, that consultants will spend a significant amount of their time (time that will be invoiced to their clients) to strategically infiltrate client companies and preparing the sales pitches for follow-up projects. And, much more fundamental: On a macro-level these mechanics lead to a strong incentive for the consulting leadership to strive for vendor lock-ins – they are building systems in which the client becomes dependent on their company as a service provider.

We completely change the mechanics of the industry. We take an entirely different approach: We have our primary business lines that our consultants work in as business operators. They solve problems for clients as a secondary occupation. This serves two purposes: First, we run an actual business in which we can give responsibility for building real-world business models to our people and thereby train them with the required business skills hands-on. The exceptional problem solvers can then - next to their primary role in our organization - be advisors for our consulting clients. So, our consultants also spend significant amounts of time on a variety of activities that are unrelated to their client projects. What's different is that they spend this time on building actual businesses within our organization and are taking the lessons learned to their consulting clients. Oh, and this time will obviously not be invoiced, so we achieve a true win-win scenario.

We systematically incentivize effectiveness when working on client projects. This is, why we critically question the relevance of our client's projects. This is, why we relentlessly optimize for what matters most and it is the reason why we often ask the question of whether we are working on symptoms or already found the root causes. This is, why we approach project planning backwards: Instead of estimating how much time it will take to solve a challenge, we determine the economical relevance of the problem at hand and then accordingly limit the time to work on this matter. With this, we incentivize solving problems as efficiently as possible, instead of training people to price deals cleverly. With this, we incentivize solving problems in a way that enables our clients to take our solutions and independently apply and evolve them. We gain not by introducing further problems that we can sell additional solutions for. We gain when our clients win. We gain by providing progress and growth that lead to more complex challenges in the future.

We attract curious, ambitious, and highly empathetic individuals. By removing the scheme of dangling carrot after carrot, by removing never-ending bonus systems and career ladders, we attract people that truly enjoy working on challenges that make them struggle for the sake of growing as a person. We attract people that pride themselves not in the amount of money amassed for an organization, but for a job well done. For genuinely making a difference and moving our clients forward.