Work with
me 1:1

We'll spend the time talking about your top 2-3 goals, outlining a strategy, and arranging a tactical action plan.

I will send you a summary of notes from the meeting and the recording and any resources we create or discuss are yours to keep.

My Approach

Leading and building a company from scratch has taught me, above all, three things: Planning is important. Talk is cheap. Execution is everything. I am deeply empathetic to the fact, that business models, organizational charts and big plans for how to bring them to life look great on paper, but are of little use in the day-to-day operations.

My focus always lies on building the shortest bridge to successful execution. In other words: identifying specific opportunities, developing products and services that really matter to clients and devising the specific steps to bring them to market with the available resources.

My Areas of Competency


Business Strategy

After I’ve founded my Start-Up, “Wilson & Oskar”, the business was effectively obliterated (read: made 100% obsolete) three times by the turmoil that the Covid pandemic caused. Despite this, I’ve made a deliberate choice not to seek funding. And I have kept the business alive, never had to defer any invoice and always made payroll. We’re now on a steep growth trajectory.


This success is grounded in the deep business understanding that I’ve gathered in 20 years in my family’s business, followed by 5 years of working in two leading global consultancies. I’m comfortable in a broad range of strategic matters ranging from which channels to leverage for market access, organizational transformation and enterprise architecture to culture and how to acquire top talent.


Intentional Innovation

At Wilson & Oskar, we have brought more than 50 products and services to market within the first 2.5 years of the existence of the organization. Many of those were quickly and purposefully withdrawn. Those that did work and are still working are now funding a team of roughly 10 people.


We have no investors, so every product and service that we bring to market must translate into cashflow quickly. We can talk strategy, tactics, and systems for how to trigger innovation in your company or team and how to build products and services that really matter to customers.


Leadership Mindset & Methods

Throughout my career, I had the privilege to work with outstanding leaders and counsel dozens of executives and aspiring high performers. Two things these extraordinary people have in common are, that they think about the world from specific perspectives and that they approach what they want to accomplish with very specific methodologies to achieve it at a certain order of magnitude. The mindset of a leader is deeply connected with how that person will act and how it will steer an organization. And is not at all a crude set of “think-big-to-win-big” platitudes.

We can talk about how to view, interpret and evaluate situations and facts at hand, and how to translate desired outcomes into actions that deliver results on the order of magnitude that you require. Both from a mindset-, as well as from a methodologies perspective.