About Philipp 

I'm the founder and CEO of Wilson & Oskar, a creative Business Strategy Consultancy that also happens to be good at building virtual organizations and teams. Before this I was a divisional Chief of  Staff at a Big4, Consultancy, spent half a decade as a Data Strategy Consultant in the fortune 500 and had a career as a professional Poker player and high stakes coach.

I am a passionate Marathon runner, mountain climber and bluewater sailor.
I've been a guest lecturer at different universities and delivered lectures about enterprise-scale Business Intelligence solutions, Sales & Marketing and supervised several research projects on Communication Strategy and Remote Work.


Founder & CEO
Wilson & Oskar 

In 2019, my brother an I founded Wilson and Oskar to shape the next generation of creative leaders that create positive change and move the world into the right direction.

We are an organization in which energetic, ambitious people meet like-minded spirits and have the opportunity to grow at the pace that they aspire to.

We help our clients by aiding them to become human-centric organizations with a strong business focus that achieve exceptional results and attract, excite, develop and retain remarkable people.


Chief of Staff
Leadership & Divisional Strategy

Being part of the divisional leadership of one of the most renowned global consultancies was not only an incredible opportunity to contribute to an organization at scale, it was also a humbling challenge being granted this position just a bit over 3 years after entering the consulting industry. 

And it came with its own challenges. Being used to the consultants life of defining the strategy for an organization and then moving on to the next project, I was now in a position of not only laying out the grand plan, but then also steering its implementation and being held responsible for the outcomes. And I enjoyed that - a lot! 

"Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art". I came to experience the meaning of this saying and realized just how misunderstood strategy is and how the quality of a framework

is not determined by its ingenuity, but by the balance it keeps between providing clear directions and giving people the largest possible degree of freedom to make tactical choices when bringing it to life.

Consulting Career
Digital Transformation Strategy 

Being a consultant at a global Big4 consultancy and helping enterprises in their digital transformation journey to becoming AI-driven businesses has taught me many things and significantly contributed to shaping my beliefs. 

Most importantly: With all the advancements in technology, business is still about people. 

Even though applying Artificial Intelligence at scale may shake an entire industry and redefining a value chain may require some jobs to be rethought, experience has shown that the target operating models of the future need to be built around people, not processes. Communication is king and the ultimate success factor for shifting into a digital future is to take your people on board and give them the space to do what they are best at - augmented with new tools and possibilities.

And a final learning: Travelling is only and incentive for those who don't have to. 


Poker Career
Professional player & high stakes coach

Studying math and learning to describe games of incomplete information, such as Poker, has had a tremendous influence on my life and my career. The application of stochastics, combinatorics, game theory and calculus combined with a ruthless optimization of mindset and priming oneself to remove all emotional aspects of decision making and reverting back exclusively to expected value turn out to be the exact skills required to decompose the mechanics of complex organizations and business models. The rigorous training to trust in numbers when intuitive decision-making is impossible due to multiple layers of counterintuitive ambiguity help in times of high market voliatility.

Fun fact: Contrary to  popular belief psychology in Poker is vastly overrated. In fact, it plays no role at all.

Mountains & Oceans 
Marathon running, climbing & sailing

People keep saying "it's not a sprint, it's a marathon".  Most of them have never completed a 42km run, or any race for that matter. After a couple of finishes one thing is extremely obvious to me: There is no way in which pacing yourself will get you any further when it comes to improving. Yes, you can make it a walkathon. But if you want to achieve a result you want to be proud of, there is exactly one thing to do, in races and in life:

Running very fast for a very long time.

Running, mountains and the sea keep me grounded in reality. Extended runs for hours and hours, climbing up mountains for several days and a proper gale are all excellent reminders for where our current boundaries are and that extending them is a lifelong journey.


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