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Product & Services Innovation
From Strategy to Execution

Putting innovation theory in perspective and gaining a strategic, yet practical hands-on perspective on how to actually innovate.

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

September 2023

How do you approach Innovation strategically?

Objectives of the lecture:

Learn to connect the dots and look beyond “obvious innovation”. 
Put innovation theory in perspective and understand how and why different frameworks work in different types of business (Corporate ↔ Mid-Sized ↔ Start-Up).
Understand what strategically innovating means in practice.
From a hands-on perspective, understand how to actually innovate



Corporate Strategy & Operations 

The Role of Strategy, Customers and how to decide what to do next.

Kühne Logistics University Hamburg

February 2023

A strong business focus and understanding of corporate value creation sets leaders apart

Key concepts of the lecture:

Understand Business Strategy and how it is interlinked with Operations Management

Connect customer value and Operations Management

Learn to make operational decisions in complex environments with an uncertain future

Operations Management vs Business Strategy.jpg
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