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Hi, I'm Philipp Güth, founder and CEO of Wilson & Oskar.

Throughout my career I was Chief of  Staff at a Big4 Consultancy, spent half a decade as a Transformation Consultant for fortune 500 companies and had a career as a professional Poker player and high stakes coach.
I am a passionate Marathon runner, mountain climber and blue-water sailor.

In my articles and my podcast I take on different and new perspectives on a range of topics in life and business.  

Whether you are just starting out in your career or you're part of the leadership of an organization - my content matches your ambition!

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Human Centric
is the new

Business Centric

It is time to put business outcomes back into the equation. Between social media impressions, culture development and new work, it is easy to get lost in the undergrowth of fast-moving initiatives that produce glamour but contribute little to bottom and top line.


Your actions are governed by your intent, but your mindset is forged by your habits - playing offense always solves problems as long as your defense is not a complete desaster. Practicing practical proactivity and purposeful  execution intentionally instatiates your values.

Get proactive today and build your organizations mindset.


Intentional cultivation of progressiveness throughout an organization is a combination of overcoming judgement at scale, empowerment of individuals and a healthy work ethic at the heart of organizational culture.

Discover how to grow the right mindset into your business.


Organizational growth is created through transactions.

True scale is achieved by building an effective ecosystem and meaningful relationships.

Understand how to be human-centric while remaining business-focused.

Building Empathy
is the new
Paradigm of Leadership

Empathy isn't a matter of DNA. It's the proactive practice of gratitude that enables acting compassionately towards other humans while retaining personal boundaries. And it's the foundation for building relationship-oriented networks that are mutually beneficial and go beyond transactional short-term interests.

My content matches your ambition to...



Thought-out personal principles set a strong foundation for intentionally building character and lasting contentment. Both for people and organizations.

And good principles are effective ways of dealing with reality.

Learn how to incorporate successful principles in your environment.


Your mindset is important, but how you manage your actions is the real game.


Persistence, enjoyment and patience on the macro perspective are the enablers for exceptionality,

Find your balance between immediate action and habituated responses.


The greatest successes are achieved when individuals aim higher than most people can possibly comprehend and then execute on their plan with a determined prioritization for what matters most.

Understanding and wisdom are the foundation for greatness.

Gain new perspectives on foundational matters.

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