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Think strategically and lead in times of change successfully.

Our mission is to help forward-thinkers understand disruptive forces and emerging trends in their markets. We help seize opportunities and develop organizations for sustained success.

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About Philipp

Over the past decade I have spent my time consulting DAX companies, steering teams of 200+ people, and building up several start-ups.

I made it my mission to leverage my experience from executive-level Big4-Consulting to leading high-growth start-ups in order to help leaders to apply the right frameworks and playbooks for understanding disruptive forces and emerging trends and to develop their organizations for sustained success.

To achieve this, I founded to share leading practices and insights, and a management consultancy, honett, that is consulting clients on business strategy, innovation and transformation. 




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3 Different Ways We Can Help You

The Leader's Digest Monthly Newsletter

Once per month you'll get actionable insights on how to build, steer and lead in business. Applicable both if you have career or your own business.

The Leader's Digest is free and will remain free. 

1:1 Executive Coaching and Sparring 

Leading a business, a team, a division or an entire corporation can be a solitary task.

I'm your sparring partner or all topics related to business strategy, organizational design, how to approach innovation, how to be an extraordinary leader and which steps to take next in your career.

Management Consulting

Get clarity on strategic questions and pick up pace in operational topics. We remove the fluff from the discussion and bring structure and focus for you and your team.

We help companies to become market-leading organizations by driving strategic initiatives.

Human Centric
is the new
Business Centric

It is time to put business outcomes back into the equation of innovation. Between social media impressions, culture development, and new work, it is easy to get lost in the undergrowth of fast-moving initiatives that produce glamour but contribute little to the bottom and top line.

Human Centricity
is the new
Paradigm of Leadership

Attracting great talent isn't a matter of DNA. It's the practice of proactively building an environment in which remarkable people get the opportunity to achieve exceptional results. Giving talent the freedom to achieve requires strong leadership and excellent communication. Both are grounded in developing a leadership mindset and leveraging proven leadership methods.

More on Decision-Making, Innovation, and Communication:

Our Purpose, Mission & Vision

The purpose of is to help growing the next generation of creative leaders who will have a positive impact on the world and steer it in the right direction.

Our mission is aimed at one objective: To help our community members create market-leading organizations and teams. To achieve this, we provide thought leadership to become better decision-makers and better leaders. We offer coaching and sparring for executives to receive targeted support. And we offer consulting services for organizations to drive strategic initiatives.

Our vision rests on three pillars:

1) Build the #1 network of European leaders

2) Provide the network with the right methods, insights and the mindset that help them to steer with confidence and determination

3) Build the leading consultancy for Strategic Management and Transformation in Europe to help Organizations in our network drive strategic initiatives to become and remain market leaders

More than 250 forward thinkers have already joined our community.

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