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Establish titles.

Philipp Güth

Jul 28, 2021

Giving work titles can contribute to organizational efficiency in many ways

Giving someone a title gives that person something to identify with. Provide structure around the title by defining the objectives of the role and the key results you expect. This makes it easier for the person taking the role to set their own goals. It makes it harder for middle management to fail. If you have a marketing manager with three team members, responsibilities will evolve. It is an uncontrolled process that potentially leaves people within the team fighting for roles and responsibilities. If you assign a head of digital marketing, head of event marketing and head of print marketing, everyone knows what they are working on and what their responsibilities and goals are. This contributes to organizational efficiency in several ways:

- Internal processes and communication flows are more likely to be efficient in a designed organization than in an organically grown structure
- Role transitions are much easier to arrange with well-defined roles and scopes
- Hiring for specific skills to achieve certain objectives is more obvious and transparent
- Aligning the organization to new priorities and focusing its efforts will happen much quicker because everyone better understands how they contribute to the strategic goals

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