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How leading firms approach Strategic Management and Visionary Leadership.

Beyond the Horizon 2024

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About this Study

People are looking to their leaders to provide stability in a world of increasing pace.
But to whom do leaders turn?

With "Beyond the Horizon" we capture the essence of how leading companies approach setting their business strategy and how they lead and steer the organization to adapt in changing market conditions to increase shareholder value, maximize efficiency, and attract top talent.

How we Research

Depth over breadth

Strategy is choice. Strategic choices are partially data-driven. But true leaders know, that data and models can only take them so far. Data can help to remove doubts and data is required to cover the bases. But bold moves have always contradicted the data. That's what makes them bold.

In this study we aim to capture the essence of how leaders look beyond the horizon and how they make strategic choices. What truly drives how they shape their organizations. How they lead, inspire and convey their goals to the people in their organization in order to align them towards the strategic goals and get the best out of every single employee.

To get to the core, we explore their thought processes in one-on-one conversations.

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