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We’re the actual
Management Consultancy
that you’re looking for.

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We help our clients to better understand trends and changes, plan for the future and in seizing opportunities.

We help our clients to foresee the future, and to prepare their organization to capture opportunities before others do.


Strategic Planning

& Growth

  • Scenario Analysis

  • ​Market- & Competitor Analysis

  • Technology Trend Analysis

  • Trend Monitoring

  • Playing to win

  • Backcasting

  • Organizational Design

  • Business Model Design

  • Change Management

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Workshops & Off-Sites

  • Controlling 

Understand changes and trends early and capture new business before others do.  

Gain Strategic Foresight​

We look to the horizon for you to identify upcoming, disruptive changes and trends that may impact your business so that you are informed before the rest of the market is.

Prepare for the Future

We support you in reaching your goals with the right planning methods for uncertain futures and for sustained growth. To plot your course on the right order of magnitude for achieving your aspirations.

Build a Future-Proof Business

From top to bottom: We help you to drive change and to set your business up for sustained success by aligning your management, by getting your people on board for new initiatives and by steering initiatives.

Our point of view:

A deep understanding of value creation is what sets leading companies apart.

Becoming a Market-Leading Organization
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We are grateful that we had the opportunity to work in exceptional firms


We help you to drive your future.
From business strategy to actual change.

A structured plan and clear decision points at every step along the way.

Our incremental approach ensures, that these decisions are based on business value, not opinions. And, that resources flow into the initiatives that drive outcomes that move the organization towards your vision.

1 - Decide

1-3 weeks

Make the "0|1 Decision" We jointly work with the leadership of your organization to capture the essence of your objectives and create a business case. If applicable, we perform desk research and conduct market studies. The goal is to help you to make a data-driven decision on whether and how to move forward.

2 - Design

2-6 weeks

Align the Organization Together, we establish your vision for the desired future of the organization. We determine the current situation and the constraints. Then, we develop a roadmap with specific projects and initiatives to achieve a successful transformation.

3 - Deliver

Individual duration

Drive the Change We provide the management and the leadership of your organization with structure and focus to drive the strategic initiatives that bring your vision to life.

Business Strategy and Organizational Design. We interlink them with Customer Value to help our clients lead their market.

Becoming a market leader requires a reliable and repeatable approach for deciding where to go next, developing the right products and creating a home for top talent. We help our clients to intentionally innovate, to design business models and the related organizations. And we enable their organizations to independently breathe life into the new business. In other words: identify new opportunities and further develop existing products and services while always making the customer the focal point of consideration. We work holistically, from strategy to concept to implementation and enablement in order to empower our clients to continue to operate independently.


Business Strategy

Organizational Change

Intentional Innovation

CEOs, managing directors and executives work with us to set the agenda for growth. 

We help to set the strategic direction for the entire enterprise, selected business units or regions. We jointly identify where to best take the business next. And craft a decisive plan for how to get there.

We help our clients to design human-centric, contemporary organizations and bring them to life.  In order to build an extraordinary organization that attracts great people who deliver the customer value they promise.

We help our clients to develop and scale new business models. From idea to global market leadership. We use the right methods to make customer value the focal point when turning our client's ideas into products.

We work differently because we are
built differently.

Business outcomes. Not academic case studies and theoretical ideas. We’re relentlessly focused on one thing: driving business results for our clients. This means having a deep respect for the way that our client's businesses currently operate in and first-hand knowledge of how business and organizations work. How to successfully innovate, how to build customer-centric and market-relevant products and services. And how to build effective, modern-day organizations that help their people to do their best work and deliver extraordinary results.​ While the industry focuses on processes and KPIs, we're turning the model upside down. We focus on customers, market-relevance and business outcomes.

Leading companies work with us to develop programs for sustainable growth and value creation.


Strategic Foresight

Strategic Sensing

We help you to foresee emerging trends, disruptive forces and market dynamics, enabling you to identify opportunities and make informed strategic decisions.

We achieve this with systematic, comprehensive environmental scanning and horizon scanning through desk research and quantitative and qualitative studies.

Scenario Planning

We prepare you for possible future changes and disruptions by identifying key uncertainty drivers, analyzing their potential impacts, stress-testing your current strategy in different scenarios and developing strategic responses.

Leadership Alignment

We facilitate and guide productive discussions and strategic decision-making within your organization's top-level management. This usually takes place in moderated workshops or offsite-meetings. We prepare the meeting and ensure that the outcomes are put into practice.


Playing to Win

Strategic Analysis

We help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your market dynamics, customer needs, and competitive landscape by conducting and in-depth analysis of the your internal and external environments to identify key opportunities, challenges, and competitive forces.

Strategy Development

We facilitate the process for defining and developing a clear vision and strategy for your aspiration using the "Playing to Win" framework. This involves identifying and making strategic choices that align with your organization's purpose and goals. We support you by evaluating different strategic options, assessing risks, and selecting the most viable and impactful choices that will position your organization for success.

Capability Assessment

We assess your capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and resources to determine, how your organization can leverage its core competencies in changing market conditions. This assessment helps align the strategy with your organization's unique capabilities.

Organizational Design

We assess your organizational structure, roles, responsibilities, working methods and culture to ensure they align with the strategic goals and desired outcomes. This may include redesigning departments, clarifying reporting lines, and reviewing team structures as well as challenging the status quo of the implicit understanding of employees of “how things are done around here”.


Value Transformation

Strategic Planning

We assist you in developing a clear-cut framework for achieving your strategic objectives and your vision. This can include goal setting, action planning, performance measurement and communication as well as elements of our “Strategic Foresight” offering.

Performance Management

We establish performance measurement frameworks, set meaningful KPIs, and implement performance tracking systems to monitor progress and ensure accountability.

Program Management

We steer and drive the change forward by providing supervision, identifying roadblocks and devising measures to ensure the milestones are accomplished.

Change Management

We help you not to get your people on board, but to get them excited about the upcoming changes. This includes, communication strategy, stakeholder engagement and leadership development.

Leadership Development

We design leadership development programs to equip your executives and managers with the skills and mindset necessary to drive your organization towards your vision effectively.

What makes working with us different.

Our Manifesto:

We move the needle from problem selling to problem solving. All large players in the consulting industry apply identical mechanics and incentive systems and they produce very similar results. The general narrative of these companies is, that they are client-centric. However, their incentive systems enforce - without exception - the opposite. That’s because their business objectives revolve only around one thing: increasing shareholder value. The consequence: Entry-level positions are measured and compensated by how much time they invoice to clients. And fired, if this figure is insufficient. More senior employees have one primary KPI that rules the industry: Sales Revenue. The result of these incentives is, that effort is not invested where it makes sense. It is invested where it creates subsequent problems for clients. And, in addition, consultants will spend a significant amount of their time to strategically infiltrate companies in order to prepare upcoming sales pitches for follow-up projects. And, much more fundamental: These mechanics lead to a strong incentive for consultancies to strive for vendor lock-ins. Setups in which the client becomes dependent on their company as a service provider.

We completely change the mechanics of the industry. We base our own business objectives on our mission. A mission that revolves around one thing, and one thing only: Creating value for our customers. And from there, we relentlessly optimize for what matters most by systematically questioning the relevance of our client's projects. This is why we often ask the question of whether we are working on actual root causes. And we’ll abandon working on symptoms because all that does is creating more symptoms to work on. That would be good if we’d strive for revenue. But we strive for customer value. We approach effort estimates backwards: Instead of estimating how much time it will take to solve a challenge, we determine the economical relevance of the problem at hand and then accordingly limit the time to work on this matter. With this, we incentivize solving problems as effectively as possible, instead of maximizing billable time. With this, we incentivize solving problems in a way that enables our clients to take our solutions and independently apply and evolve them. We gain not by introducing further problems for which we can sell additional solutions. We gain by bringing progress and growth that lead to positive challenges in the future. We gain, when our clients win.

We attract curious, ambitious, and highly empathetic individuals. Because we put our focus on making an actual difference, we attract people that truly enjoy working on challenges for the sake of solving the challenge. Challenges, that make them struggle, but help them grow. We attract people that pride themselves not in the amount of money amassed for an organization, but for a job well done. For genuinely making a difference and moving our clients forward.

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