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Stop Talking To Your Employees

Philipp Güth

Jul 28, 2021

Stop wasting valuable time talking to your employees

Instead, send them written summaries of recent developments. Telling your people about the recent developments is really not helpful. It takes lots of time and oftentimes much of the information is not relevant or already known by many. With a Q&A session you make sure the content of the call goes beyond common sense.

Send out slide deck with written information. Have a Q&A Session instead of the informing call.

While an intuitive counterargument seems to be that people will attend the call uninformed and won't be able to follow, this will likely only happen the first few times. Having no slides or any other sort of context in the call, people will start being prepared to ask their questions. Of course this requires discipline from the leadership to send out the materials at least a day in advance to give people the chance to.

- Very few people or none are attending the call? Send our survey - maybe things are simply clear to them.
- It does not cut the dialogue, but in fact removes the monologue to create a space for interaction - not only the last 5 minutes when everyone is about to drop anyway

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